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Teneo Languages allow organizations to create high-quality multilingual applications in less time, and with less effort, than ever before.

Develop once – deploy across languages


Teneo Languages are the powerhouse of the platform’s linguistic capabilities. Under continuous development for over a decade, these natural language understanding building blocks are crucial in enabling enterprises to quickly build conversational applications that can truly comprehend what the user is saying, in over 40 different languages.

But is not only about understanding different languages; Teneo Languages’ building blocks can also cover knowledge specific to companies, industries or use cases, allowing for even further personalization of the solutions.

Furthermore, our innovative ‘Master/Local’ deployment approach enables organizations to expand their conversational AI applications across other languages, simply by ticking a box. Thanks to the Teneo NLU Ontology and the way the platform structures the development, it is possible to have a master version in one language, and be able to localize in any other, typically reusing about 80% of the original build with no need to start from scratch. For example, the specific language structures and models for a Swedish bank can be easily ported to operations in America, Russia or Japan.

"Every component and function of the platform can be used in any of our supported languages. This makes Teneo ideally suited for enterprises looking to deliver high-quality conversational applications across global operations, while maximizing RoI with faster development times and the reuse of existing assets."

Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions

Understand humans effortlessly

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One of the biggest drawbacks of only using machine learning to build conversational AI applications is the staggeringly large amounts of data required to understand humans. What comes naturally to us, the relationships between words, phrases, sentences, synonyms, lexical entities, concepts etc., must be learned by a machine. For enterprises that don’t have a significant amount of relative and categorized data readily available, this is a costly and time-consuming part of building conversational AI applications.

Teneo Languages allow enterprises to teach new conversational applications all the possible language permutations in a matter of moments. Our Teneo NLU Ontology and Semantic Network, map the very structure of language itself, removing one of the most costly and time-consuming parts of building conversational AI applications — teaching a machine to understand human language. Therefore, the user simply enters a few representative queries, and Teneo Languages will enable the application to learn all the different ways a user might ask the same exact question.

Because Teneo is available in over 40 languages, you can deliver geo-specific conversational AI applications with the feel of a consistent global brand. Teneo Languages enable the application to ‘think’ in your native tongue, while delivering the same linguistic sophistication across every other language required. Our technology allows enterprises to share the core knowledge across all deployments whilst retaining the ability to adapt local implementations for different business processes.

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Fast-track development

Being able to develop your next CAI solution in over 40 languages is already an advantage but making the process easier and faster is a game changer. This is where our Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language comes in; our proprietary syntax language enables non-linguist developers to skip several steps in a typical build process. This unique and powerful modeling language automatically applies language conditions such as understanding when the word book is used as a noun or verb in a sentence, recognizing sentiment or providing a safety net to further ensure a humanlike conversational experience in the final product.

Developers can also use our conversational modules, which deliver pre-built solutions with back-end integration for common dialogues such as live chat handover or booking a meeting room, have also been released. These support the wide range of existing pre-built conversational knowledge that enables the chatbot to have a personality, continue the conversation even when the user has gone silent, maintain a personality that aligns with the enterprise’s brand values and keep the momentum going even when the user goes off topic. Just tick a box and they are readily available in your solution.

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