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With its modular structure, flexible architecture and unique global/local language features, Teneo is the only conversational AI platform that allows for fast, robust and scalable chatbot development by integrating with (and expanding) Microsoft LUIS services.

Our new proposition LUIS^Teneo is a new, revolutionary approach to Natural Language Understanding, that combines two top technologies to help you build, test, and release conversational bots faster.

In these sessions, our engineers will show:

  • Teneo’s core components for chatbot development, optimization and analytics.
  • LUIS^Teneo: what it is and how it works.
  • Features such as our unique Hybrid NLU approach, which leverages machine learning models and linguistic conditions for intent and entity recognition.
  • Pre-built resources that will enable developers to easily expand their chatbot’s capabilities by integrating to back-end systems and RPA processes, or making those chatbots available through a wide range of channels, from social media messaging to telephony.
  • Much more!

Meet the Speakers

Get to know our Teneo Evangelists!

Carmen del Solar Valdés

Conversational AI Engineer

Carmen Del Solar is currently working as a Computational Linguist in the Information Technologies Sector. After 10+ years of industry experience in Spain, she relocated to the USA in 2017. She is currently based in Chicago (Illinois), working as a Conversational AI Engineer (and Teneo Evangelist) at Artificial Solutions Inc. Carmen holds a B.S. in Linguistics and a M.A. in Applied Linguistics. She spent the first year of her Graduate studies as a visiting student at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Her interests include NLP, Dialogue Systems, VUX, Human-Computer Interaction, ML and Data Science.

Tim Bartz

Conversational AI Engineer

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