Artificial Solutions & Teneo

Our software platform, Teneo, allows you to build artificially intelligent solutions that understand and act on what people are saying – however they say it, in whatever language they choose and whether they use voice, text, touch or gesture to communicate.

Teneo Platform

Our software platform, Teneo, is everything you need to create advanced, conversational AI applications. Build once, deploy everywhere. Available in 35 languages, running over any platform, service or device.

Teneo Data

In this video, you will learn about Teneo Data, what business data is, and why it is so valuable, and how Teneo can help generate actionable insight into it.

Teneo Hybrid Approach

Explaining Machine and Linguistic leaning and how Teneo offers the best of both worlds with a hybrid approach.

Teneo Language Resources

Deploying multi-lingual solutions with Teneo Language Resources.

Building Conversational Systems with Teneo

How Teneo works to build advanced conversational flows, and then continuously optimize and improve them.

Conversational Search and Filtering

This short video showcases how everyday conversational language can be used to search and filter from a wide range of results. In this scenario, it is applied to a property rental website.

Teneo for Financial Services

This live-action demo shows how the Teneo Platform can deliver artificially intelligent interaction in the Financial Services sector.

NLI-based Data Mining and Analysis

Teneo is an advanced Natural Language Interaction (NLI) development and analytics platform that enables business users and developers to collaborate on creating sophisticated natural language applications.

About Artificial Solutions

Introducing the company and who we are.

Artificial Solutions – 5 Key Differentiators

Covering our key market differentiators.

How Artificial Solutions manages the complexity of conversational language

A look at why language is so tricky for machines to understand, and how Teneo achieves this.

How Artificial Solutions’ Hybrid Approach Delivers Enterprise AI Applications

An introduction into the Hybrid approach used by Teneo and why we feel it delivers the optimum performance for enterprise AI solutions.

Machine Learning and Linguistic Learning within the Teneo Platform

Explaining how Machine learning and Linguistic learning are used within Teneo.

Managing Changing Customer Expectations with NLI

How users are changing the way they interact with technology.

Managing Multi Lingual Requirements With Teneo

How Teneo builds powerful conversational systems in 35 languages.

Artificial Solutions and Teneo – Making Technology Think

A compilation of the whole conversation in one video.

What is Teneo?

A brief explanation of the Teneo Platform how it enables enterprises to deliver a wide range of conversational applications.

What makes the Teneo Platform unique?

How Teneo offers a complete suite for the delivery and analysis of conversational applications and unstructured data.

Why Partners are Key

Explaining how partners are working with Artificial Solutions.

“e2e4e” – End to End for Enterprise

Explaining the acronym.

Artificial Solutions in the competitive landscape

Looking at who Artificial Solutions is positioned against in the enterprise market and how we differentiate ourselves from them.

Introducing Artificial Solutions & Teneo

A compilation of the whole discussion in one video.

Conversational AI for Automotive: Automotive Navigation Interaction Demo
Conversational AI for Travel: Travel Planning Demo
Conversational AI for Travel: Flight Bookings and Information Demo
Conversational AI for Utilities Demo
Conversational AI for Financial Services: Banking Demo
Conversational AI for Entertainment: Betting and Gaming Demo
Conversational AI for Telecommunications Demo
Conversational AI for Speech-enabled Smarthome Demo
Conversational AI for Quick Serve Restaurants Demo
Conversational AI for Insurance Demo
Conversational AI for Internal HR Helpdesk Demo
Conversational AI for Retail Demo
Mortgage Demo
SingPost Demo