Conversational AI Center of Excellence


Why Conversational AI?

Learn why enterprises worldwide are relying on conversational AI to enhance their customer experience, while driving operational cost savings, and explore some of the main areas where conversational AI is successfully being implemented.


Why some Conversational AI Platforms Fail

Discover why some conversational AI solutions and the platforms and bot-frameworks on which they’re built on are failing, and what you should consider before choosing the ideal conversational AI platform for your AI project.


Building a Conversational AI Strategy

In this episode, we help you define your conversational AI strategy through five key principles that will help ensure a successful launch of your conversational AI solution.


Organizing a Conversational AI Team

In this episode, we walk you through the steps of building a conversational AI team and provide a first-hand example of how one of our customers has built and optimized their chatbot solutions.


The Principles Behind Teneo

Learn about the driving principles behind our Teneo platform and how its four core components work together to ensure that every aspect of creating and maintaining conversational AI applications is flawless.


Going Live is Just the First Step

Launching your chatbot solutions is only the beginning. Learn how you can leverage conversational data to improve and optimize your conversational AI solutions, and discover how connectivity will affect the future of chatbots.

Meet the Experts

Lawrence Flynn
CEO, Artificial Solutions

Andy Peart
CMSO, Artificial Solutions

Andreas Wieweg
CTO, Artificial Solutions

Russ Tarr
Global Head of Sales, Artificial Solutions

Darren Ford
VP Global Customer Services, Artificial Solutions

Gareth Walters
VP Innovation & Community, Artificial Solutions

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