Humanlike. Intelligent. Revolutionary.

Everything you need to create advanced, conversational AI applications. Build once, deploy everywhere. Available in over 40 languages, running over any platform, service or device.

Teneo Features

How it Works in a Nutshell

Conversational AI is one of the fundamental building blocks in digital transformation. Building your first application is only the beginning. As you start to understand the benefits and the power of adding conversational AI into your customer facing and back-end operations, you’ll want to expand its use.

With its modular structure, flexible architecture and unique global/local language features, Teneo is the only conversational AI platform that enables enterprises to reuse large sections of AI assets from one build to the next.

No more starting from scratch. And with each new application comes faster build times and increased RoI.

Teneo makes it easy to give your customers the intelligent, automated, conversational experience they crave.

  • Build sophisticated conversational AI applications to create a frictionless experience throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Deliver over any channel, in any language, intelligent, interactive applications capable of carrying out the most complex of tasks.
  • Collect conversational data and use it to personalize the conversation even further, while still complying with privacy regulations.
  • Learn from the data analysis that reveals hidden “voice of the customer” insights to improve your bottom line.
  • Utilize the data and the AI assets within the current application to maintain and expand your use of conversational AI.

Take Customer Satisfaction to the Next Level

Teneo puts the power of conversational AI into the hands of the enterprise.

The platform allows business users and developers to collaborate and create a wide range of sophisticated conversational AI applications that automate the customer journey, while increasing engagement through humanlike, intelligent dialog.

Smart AI chatbots that answer queries faster. Virtual assistants that advise users while improving the customer experience. Humanlike digital assistants that drive online sales and differentiate your product. Intelligent voice interfaces that increase employee productivity and efficiency.

All this and more can be created easily with Artificial Solutions’ conversational AI platform, Teneo.

Everything You Need in One Platform

Teneo’s core modules are:

  • Teneo Studio, the powerful graphical interface to develop your AI solutions.
  • Teneo Data, learning from your customers conversations to enhance your solutions and access “voice of the customer” insights.
  • Teneo Languages, enabling you to launch advanced multilingual applications at speed.


Features such as our unique hybrid approach to linguistic and machine learning are used throughout the modules to overcome the challenges of developing conversational AI applications and to ensure rapid development timescales.

Teneo also includes pre-built resources that enable you to easily expand your chatbot’s capabilities such as integrating to back-end RPA processes or making your web based virtual assistant available on Facebook messenger.

Designed for the Enterprise

The entire platform is encompassed by Teneo’s enterprise strength capabilities that ensure scalability, collaboration and control.

With features such as support for user roles, version control, on-premises and cloud deployment and privacy regulations, backed up by our professional services team for those times you need a little extra help.

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