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Creating Conversational Flows with Teneo

In this first video, we introduce Teneo Studio, Artificial Solutions’ platform for developing conversational applications, and we show you how to start creating a conversational flow.


Adding Advanced Conversational Capabilities in Teneo Studio

In this video, you’ll learn how to improve a conversational flow by using Linguistic Learning, leveraging Teneo’s Language Resources.


Interpreting and Understanding Conversational Data with Teneo

Discover how to organize and analyze the conversational data you’ve gathered from previous inputs and conversations, using the Teneo Data Discovery platform.


Multi-channel Deployment of Teneo Applications

In this video, we analyze a dialogue with our virtual assistant to see how it interacts with external sources, devices or applications.


Cross-device Session Persistence with Teneo

In this video, we’ll see an example of session persistence, that allows for continued conversations when the user switches from one channel to another.

The Expert

Mark Jones

Head of Presales EMEA, Artificial Solutions

Mark Jones is responsible for the EMEA team of Technical Presales experts in the field of Conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning at Artificial Solutions.

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