Conversational AI Center of Excellence

This Center of Excellence will guide you through your Conversational AI journey, from choosing the right platform, to building your team and scaling your solution.

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The future of customer experience is here, and customer expectations are higher than ever. Covid-19 has accelerated the need for digital solutions that can reach out to customers 24/7 and wherever they may be. Customers know this, and they expect companies to provide the same personalized services as always but from the comfort of their homes. 

The Conversational AI Center of Excellence series will guide you through the key steps to begin your journey towards creating the ultimate conversational AI solution for your business:

  • Episode 1: Why Conversational AI?
  • Episode 2: Why some Conversational AI Platforms Fail
  • Episode 3: Building a Conversational AI Strategy
  • Episode 4: Organizing a Conversational AI Team
  • Episode 5: The Principles Behind Teneo
  • Episode 6: Going Live is Just the First Step

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Meet the Experts

Lawrence Flynn
CEO, Artificial Solutions

Andy Peart
CMSO, Artificial Solutions

Andreas Wieweg
CTO, Artificial Solutions

Russ Tarr
Global Head of Sales, Artificial Solutions

Darren Ford
VP Global Customer Services, Artificial Solutions

Gareth Walters
VP Innovation & Community, Artificial Solutions

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