Success Story

Helping Catalonian Job Seekers Find the Information they Need Online

SOC’s goal was to be able to offer a 24/7 service, providing information about job-hunting, advice and support on unemployment issues, and offering training and related support services – the perfect job for a Teneo Virtual Assistant!



Sandra helps SOC reduce costs and improve customer service

The Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya (soc) provides information and resources to the unemployed and jobseeking citizens of catalonia. Experiencing an increased demand for its services led the soc to review its online presence and plan how to improve the service it was offering.

Today, Sandra is the face of SOC. She greets every online visitor in a welcoming and warm manner, offering assistance and instant answers to questions. Sandra is a Teneo Virtual Assistant, which means she uses the patented, sophisticated Natural Language Interaction-based Engine from Artificial Solutions to understand whatever she is asked.

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Website analytics don’t tell you what the user was unable to find, or what they couldn’t do online. Since launching Sandra, we have been able to analyse exactly what website users are asking for, even down to reading individual chat logs.


Lluis Anaya,

Director of Information Technology and Communication at SOC

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