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Circle K Rapidly Develops Multi-lingual Conversational AI Assistant with Teneo

In what has anecdotally been described as one of the quickest projects in Circle K, virtual customer agent Kay is already reducing call volumes, while delivering 24/7 customer support, having been developed in only a few months with Teneo.



Circle K increases ROI thanks to its multilingual conversation assistant

Circle K is one of the world’s leading convenience and fuel retail businesses. The company offers a wide range of products to people on the go in more than 16000 stores across the globe. Customer service is crucial to the business and Circle K wanted to develop an intelligent, conversational digital assistant that was capable of answering a diverse number of questions in multiple languages. At the same time the company was looking to reduce call volumes into its B2B and B2C support teams and enable them to focus on more complex tasks.

After considering other vendors in the marketplace, Teneo from Artificial Solutions was chosen because it easily met Circle K’s main criteria of a conversational AI development platform that would provide corporate consistency across content, languages and technology.

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When we first looked at Teneo we were impressed how much it could do compared with other development platforms we were considering. No other vendor could elaborate on how an enterprise could utilize resources from Europe to deliver a conversational system running in North America.


Maija Tērmane,

Senior Quality Responsible – Digital Solutions at Circle K

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