Conversational AI
Business Benefits

Conversational AI brings notable benefits to businesses. From providing personalized customer support and delivering actionable customer insights, to increasing cross-selling and boosting brand loyalty via enhanced customer experience.

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Conversational AI for online shopping and sales

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Teneo delivers the frictionless experience that increases sales and keeps customers returning again and again.
Conversational AI for online shopping and sales

Increase Sales

While digital channels allow customers to interact with you any time of the day, they can also be fraught with points of irritation. Hard to navigate menus, search boxes that require specific terminology and screens that are too small to see details clearly. All impact negatively on the customer experience.

Teneo resolves the problem by enabling customers to ask exactly what they need to know. In their own words. Over their preferred channel. Automatically.

It delivers the immediacy people want by not only answering their query straightaway but doing so in a way that adds value such as filling out forms, making recommendations, up-selling, or booking appointments.

With Teneo you can connect to back-end systems to give a more personalized answer using account information or recommend other products based on previous choices.

And just as you might expect from the world’s most advanced conversational AI platform, Teneo continues to implicitly learn about your customer so it can offer even more personalized responses.

Clear ROI

Teneo helps you realize a faster RoI with your conversational applications in several ways.

The platform itself enables enterprises to rapidly build sophisticated natural language applications in a fraction of the time it takes in comparable products with considerably less resources.

The conversational applications help to increase efficiencies such as driving down call volumes, automating the interaction between front and back-office and increasing online conversion rates.

At the same time, it reduces the reliance on large workforces and their associated overheads, alongside less tangible aspects such as increasing customer satisfaction.

But it is the conversational data that applications generate that is often overlooked when considering RoI. Information that enables enterprises to understand their customers better, to develop products or services they may not have thought of and to identify areas of the business that could be improved.

It is for this reason we consider it essential that our customers own the data their systems generate, unlike some of our competitors that keep the most interesting part for themselves.

Drive Efficiencies

Increase capacity without increasing headcount.

Teneo enables enterprises to streamline business processes and drive productivity through increased automation of high-volume interactions.

This allows organizations to easily scale to support greater user demand with the same headcount.


By integrating Teneo with other productivity saving technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and expanding the use of conversational AI throughout the organization companies are able to take those efficiencies to new heights.


With Teneo it’s not about reducing headcount, it’s about achieving greater profit by empowering customers and employees to do more.

It's all about your Customers...

Teneo engages your customers, on their terms. But it’s more than just a conversation. It’s capable and intuitive.

Omni-Channel Experience

Creating an omnichannel experience isn’t just about offering customers a way to connect with you over a wide variety of channels. It’s delivering a consistent, seamless experience over all of those channels too.

Teneo, with its build once deploy everywhere ethos, makes it easy for you to reach customers wherever they are, on whichever channel they choose.

They’ll receive the same intelligent, humanlike experience, even if they switch devices or services halfway through the conversation.

Teneo allows you to manage all customer conversations in the one platform, which makes it easier for enterprises to gain a holistic overview of individual customers. Teneo then uses this information to deliver a contextual and personalised dialogue to customise the interaction even further and increase satisfaction overall.

Customer CX

From completing forms or resolving queries, to making reservations and controlling your home. Whatever the use case, it can be built in Teneo.

Regardless of how your customers phrase their question, Teneo ensures a consistent, correct and on-brand response. Over every channel. In multiple languages. It personalizes every answer and understands likes and preferences.

Using Teneo, a single sentence can replace a dozen or more clicks on a menu driven system, allowing customers to achieve tasks faster than ever before. With less fuss. Wherever they are. On whatever device or service they choose.

It’s the frictionless customer experience that Teneo provides that has your customers returning again and again. Allowing you to reignite the customer experience with increased engagement, personalized customer service and improved customer satisfaction.

Customer Insight

With each conversation, you learn a little more about your customer. This is because when people communicate in a natural, conversational way, they reveal more than just the words they’re saying. Their individual preferences, views, opinions, feelings, inclinations and more are all part of the conversation.

While the internet has enabled businesses to automate much of the customer relationship, it has been at the cost of customer engagement. This lack of two-way interaction not only affects brand loyalty, but also deprives enterprises of its most valuable data — the voice of the customer.

Teneo helps you reconnect with your customers. To learn what they really think about you, your product and the service you provide. Data that you can use to personalize interactions even further helping to drive loyalty and boost revenues.

With Teneo you can access this information, in real-time with ease. A wealth of customer information available at your fingertips, all easily visualized in graphical displays that can be drilled down to the finer points in seconds.

It’s this information that makes the data collated during human-machine conversations so valuable, and why we’ve ensured that Teneo enables enterprises to comply with the strictest of data piracy regulations, including GDPR.

Because even when data has been anonymized it still holds a wealth of information that enterprises can learn from and use to add value to the business.

A Platform for the Enterprise

Teneo allows to build CAI solutions in record time, that deliver the intelligent personalized experience customers expect.

Add Intelligence

There’s a world of difference between answering a question and holding an intelligent conversation.

An engaging exchange will not only improve the customer experience but will deliver the data to help you increase your bottom line.

Teneo understands the user’s intent, no matter how complex the sentence. It is able to ask questions in return to remove ambiguity or simply to discover more about the user. It has a memory in order to reuse key pieces of information throughout the conversation for context or personalization purposes and be able to bring the conversation back on track, when the user asks off topic questions.

But that’s not all. Teneo is capable. It can do any number of things to help a user from simple form filling to initiating back-end processes or accessing multiple sources of information to pull together the one right answer the customer needs.

It’s this type of intelligent, humanlike engagement that makes Teneo based conversational AI applications so successful because customers know they can achieve more through online self-service, than they can talking to a live agent.

Fast Delivery

Our award-winning platform achieves this through intelligent automation and its unique hybrid approach to linguistic and machine learning that removes the need for specialist skills and vast amounts of data to train the system.

In addition, Teneo’s unique master/local system allows for additional languages to be added quickly and easily, typically reusing up to 80% of the original build. While our library of pre-built connectors makes porting your application to new services a breeze.

With Teneo, your customers will love being able to find the answer to their query in moments, on the channel they prefer.

Personalize Your Responses

Teneo allows you to easily personalize an automated conversation, whether it’s simply accessing account information to answer a billing query or taking into consideration a customer’s love of Italian cuisine when recommending a restaurant.

Increasing personalization at an individual level by including other information from internal and external data sources, not only delivers a more accurate response, it increases engagement too.

While some information can be learned explicitly such as the customer choosing a preference from a list of features, it’s Teneo’s ability to automatically learn through implicit methods including previous interactions that allows businesses to really harnesses the power of conversational AI. This can then be combined with other information such as geo-location to personalize the conversation even further.

With Teneo businesses can respond immediately to opportunities arising during the conversation, and realise revenue that would have been missed in a command style of interaction.

Future-proof your Business

Teneo allows organizations to differentiate themselves from the competition, while increasing efficiency and reaffirming brand values.

Stand Out from the Competition

Features such as memory, sentiment analysis, personality, contextual understanding and topic switching take dialogue systems to the next level. Add in integration capabilities and enterprises can increase personalization and build the customer relationship even further.

How you use the functionality is up to you. Up-selling the latest product, recognizing an ongoing customer issue or simply ensuring an employee maximizes their company benefits. All of these will make a difference to the company’s bottom line.

Own Your Data

Teneo allows enterprises to own the data generated. This is important for a number of key reasons including the hidden value of individual conversations, privacy and security.

When people communicate in a natural, conversational way, they reveal more than just what they want to achieve. Held within the conversational data is a wealth of information direct from your customers that can be used to make strategic changes to your business.

However, many of today’s conversational development tools, place themselves in the middle of you and your customer filtering out “chatter” and only deliver the key intent to you. This chatter is then used to further their own revenue streams, sometimes in direct competition with your business.

Teneo enables enterprises to utilize this data to its full extent ensuring you maximize your investment in Conversational AI. It also provides the necessarily capabilities to comply with the strictest of regulations such as GDPR. At the same time, data ownership also enables enterprises to self-host their entire deployment of Teneo, allowing organizations to meet the most rigorous of security measures.

On Brand. Everytime.

Teneo allows you to add a little individualism into your chatbot to bring your brand to life in each interaction.

This helps to not only maintain a corporate identity but increases credibility and engagement too.

The more engaged the user is, the more they use the conversational interface, and the more data you receive in return. This information can then be used to further personalize the conversation and deliver actionable data back to the business.

With Teneo you can alter the wording and tone used to influence the perceived personality. An investment bank might want to use very formal, serious language, while a consumer brand could be more hip. Your chatbot doesn’t need to be overtly funny or extravert, just reflect the brand.

It’s the personality that elicits the most reaction—good or bad, from the customer. Get it right and you’ve created the opportunity to improve the customer experience, even more so than just giving the correct response.